makes all the difference

Our Mission: Offer more than a “service”

Real estate is a constantly changing environment and today satisfying the customer is no longer sufficient for a real estate broker to succeed in their mission. When you choose to do business with the Salvatore Orfeo team, you are guaranteed to work in synergy with a dynamic group, dedicated to offering you more than just a “service”.

A real estate broker since 1992, fascinated by the challenges offered by the field, Salvatore Orfeo increasingly makes transactions year after year. Often referred by his old clients, his ultimate goal is to always exceed their expectations; a satisfied customer will not hesitate to refer you.

An excellent negotiator, Salvatore is a successful businessman in the real estate field. His strengths? An unparalleled commitment to each project, the ability to speak three languages (English, French and Italian) and a sense of work ethic that guarantees high quality premium service. Ready to take on your real estate challenges, Salvatore carries out your transaction in the best possible conditions!


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